A mutual conspiracy 

​I think I just realized why I like The X-Files so much. It’s, as most programs, a distraction from reality, but also feels relevant. Sometimes I feel like the things I try to explain seem like crazy conspiracy theories from Mulder…but, the twisted thing is, I can back them all up with serious data at least on par with Scully. Yet, the reaction is generally a reference to some crazy pseudoscience or an article clearly meant to distract or flat out detract the consumer for the purposes of either votes or monetary gain. Sometimes I feel like Mulder making a face to face introduction between one and an alien and still trying to convince said person it’s happening. Meh, kudos Mulder and Scully for at least being able to discuss your differences and work together…more and more I realize truth is stranger than fiction, so seems fair enough to congratulate fictional characters.

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