It’s a High School Cafeteria World…

Last night I had a dream in which we were all, as a society, basically living in the microcosm of a high school cafeteria. The “leader,” played by Will Ferrell’s Anchorman, was The Coach. The Coach felt strongly that all of the problems of our world were caused by weakness. There were posters and reminders everywhere suggesting our goal was to “Make America Strong Again.” 

According to The Coach, the only way to achieve this was to “toughen up” the weak. This was done by regular beatings of the back and legs of those deemed weak and was to continue until those members could take a beating for several hours without slouching or grimacing. 

The tool was, well, it was a dream, so it doesn’t entirely add up, but, it was a yardstick. Of course, these yardsticks didn’t bend and break as easily as ours would, although, there were ratings of various brands and such. One rating (think Amazon reviews) suggested a particular yardstick for strength, durability and maximum scarring potential, but, the person lamented they really need a 3.5 ft yardstick (which gave me a chuckle…wouldn’t be a yardstick if it weren’t 3ft, right?).

Anyway, it was the responsibility of those selected as the strongest among us to “beat the weak out” of the weakest. Those of us in between were powerless. Being granted the privelge to wield a yardstick was the only way to attain power.

There was among the weakest a boy who was regularly, as per regulation, beaten throughout the day by several members of the ruling (oh, I just got that association…well played, brain…) class. His inability to stand any longer and the fact that led to more severe beatings finally caused me, instead, to break. 

I took the yardstick of the one doing the beating and offered it, it’s position of power and my back to all of society. But, a funny thing happened…not one person would take that power for their own. In the end, everyone just lined up and walked out of the cafeteria one by one. Turns out, there was a world beyond the walls, but we were all afraid to leave it until we realized there was more power within us than beyond us.

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