December 4/5th, 2016

Last night, at some point, I had a nightmare…we were staying at a sort of Air B&B room…a mess of a room with closets full of clothes of many sizes, boxes under the bed full of first aid supplies…dusty and dirty, but, the linens seemed clean enough. It was a shed outside of a house, really. We were in the main house visiting with the owners.

Then, a man came in and violently killed the patriarch with a knife, then came into the kitchen where I was speaking with the matriarch…he asked us to leave and, I’m ashamed to say, we did…and he proceeded to kill her quite violently as well.

I called the police and they said my dad had called the day before predicting the violence and laughed it off as a prank. I returned to the main house and there was no evidence of the crime. Then, our luggage started moving about and clothes began taking a human form…

In the end, it seems the owners were just some form of prior occupants made into human form by way of their DNA being transformed from their clothing and we were the next “victims.”

In short, it was pretty messed up…

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