So…in my dream last night, I was a police officer or something and we were investigating this guy for some reason. We were in his house to arrest him, but he didn’t seem to be there. Then, I saw something in the oven. It wasn’t on, but there was definitely something there, so I opened the door and there was a baby! It grabbed the door to close it back several times and I told it I was there to help and picked it up. My partner was finding babies and children behind every door…cabinets, closets…I asked the baby if they were his siblings and he said he didn’t have siblings…or parents…and pointed to a jar on the desk. There were jellyfish-ish cylinders swimming around in a clear liquid…apparently they were supposed to be embryos…apparently lady came in with a syringe filled with something and we managed to get her handcuffed after a tussle, then the guy came in. We tried to put him in cuffs, but, he was really good at fighting us off…especially because he would sprout new arms and hands any time we made any progress. He explained that the children in the home were all created by him and he used the same sort of…I dunno…some dna something…to enhance himself as well. We wound up staying with the family for a few days. They were weird and definitely crazy, but really nice and super smart. When we left, the woman gave me a hug and asked me if they could make a baby for me. She said not to worry because she would certainly want to be involved and would do as much of the caregiving as I wanted.

Oh! And the woman made what she told me were “buffalo eggs” for breakfast…funny, THAT was the part I couldn’t wrap my brain around..

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